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Mobile Espresso Bar

We'd love to talk to you about your upcoming event. Did you know that Voyager Craft Coffee started off as a mobile espresso bar? We still love getting out there and serving great coffee wherever you are. We've been fortunate enough to have done weddings, corporate events, farmers' markets, private catering, and festivals. We've handled crowds upwards of 300 people without breaking a sweat. 

Call us at 408 239 3484 or email us at for additional information, availability, and pricing. 

Go anywhere...

It's an absolute statement, but we're absolutely sure of it. Of all the events we've been fortunate to have catered, this is the most memorable. Hidden away in the woods, it took us an overnight camping trip and 4 hours of driving to get there. But, man, the Voyage sure was worth it.

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Fully independent

We hand-built our mobile trailer to be fully and independently functional. We have a fully plumbed 30-gallon freshwater tank, power / electric hookups, a fridge, and coffee making equipment so fine it sometimes make the stuff in our shop jealous. 


a truly unique menu

We handmake pretty much everything that goes into our drinks. We've invented a number of drinks in-house, and are committed to continuing to do so. By taking a culinary approach to our menu, we aim to push the boundary of coffee and taste. Our mobile unit features the same innovate menu that is served in our coffee shop.